Rodriguez & Fuentes, PC is committed to developing a solution that will protect the adoptive parents and child for a lifetime. As attorneys we realize that the issues we deal with have long-term impacts on the lives of our clients. Adoption can often be a long and complicated process; we have extensive experience in adoption law to help you navigate the intricacies of the legal system. (replace current intro with this one on the homepage)

We assist in all aspects of the adoption process, including working with birthparents who are looking at adoption as a possible parenting plan for their unborn child, as well as working with families who are seeking to adopt a child. Regardless of whether you are a placing birthparent or a prospective adopting parent we will do all we can to facilitate the ease and success of your adoption planning and process.

Guiding You Through the Adoption Process

If you are looking for a child to adopt, we have the experience to acquaint you with all your options and advise you through every step of the adoption process. We get involved in all phases of adoption, from beginning to end, including the adoption search process, matching with a placing birthmother, pre-birth matters, the placement formalities and the legal steps to take the adoption through the court system.

Area Adoption

  • Adoption of children: In New York, single individuals or couples may legally adopt children by following particular legal steps that result in a court issued adoption decree, which may include the termination of another parent’s legal rights. Depending on the circumstances of the adoption, the legal steps may be relatively simple or they may be more onerous and complex.
  • Step-parent adoption: The adoption of a spouse or registered domestic partner’s child is referred to as a “step-parent” adoption. Often the rights of a third-party parent must be voluntarily terminated.
  • Second parent adoptions: The adoption of a child of another person who is not a spouse or registered domestic partner (i.e. a partner with whom one cohabits) is also permissible in New York.
  • Other adoption issues: Occasionally, individuals need legal counseling regarding adoption proceedings even when they are not the party petitioning for the adoption. For example, parents who are subject to having their rights terminated are often in need of legal representation or counseling. Additionally, intended parents may benefit from legal counseling in advance of the birth of a child because some actions may be taken to simplify a later adoption and/or avoid potential pitfalls, such as completing voluntary declarations of parentage.